A taste of the Eolian Islands with Giulia Biviano Italianmedia

Delight your tastebuds at the Eolian Hall in Lygon Street.

During the Società Isole Eolie’s 10th Annual Cultural Cooking Demonstration, Giulia Biviano will launch her latest cook book, Cucina di casa nostra.

In 2007, the idea to present a cooking demonstration for members of the Società Isole Eolie became a reality for Giulia, and the response was so great that it spurred her to write her first cook book, Dolci di casa nostra, published in 2010.

Born on the island of Vulcano, Giulia migrated to Australia with her parents and siblings at the age of 12, settling in the rural township of Tatura in the Goulburn Valley, where she grew up working on her family’s farm.

When the right season rolls around, Giulia and her entire family reunite in Tatura to make red wine, grappa, jam and vincotto, which the talented cook uses to make typical Eolian biscuits – spicchiteddi, gigi, crostoli and sfinci di cucuzza – and carry on a centuries-old tradition.

Having won last year’s Multicultural Museums Cook Off, Giulia is a star in every respect, and she also appeared on Canale 31’s program ‘Regional Italian Cuisine’, alongside revered restaurateur Caterina Borsato.

On Sunday, Giulia will return to the Eolian Hall to conduct a cooking demonstration alongside her brother John and sisters Frances, Tina and Rita.

Giulia will showcase a range of delicious Eolian specialties using fresh products from the farm in Tatura, including olives, figs and the core ingredient of Sicilian cuisine, eggplant.

The demonstration will be followed by the presentation of Giulia’s new book in the presence of special guest, My Kitchen Rules contestant Mark Virgona, whose parents come from the Eolian Islands.

Cucina di casa nostra is a collection of ancient Eolian recipes with a touch of modernity using Australian products.

Giulia dedicated five years to writing the book, which contains more than 200 regional recipes, from soups to sweets, including vegetarian and healthy dishes.

The recipes are accompanied by short anecdotes on how Giulia shares each dish with her friends and family.

Giulia’s latest project is a tribute to her heritage which serves to pass on the traditional dishes of the Eolian Islands to future generations to ensure their longevity for years to come.

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