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Today marks the beginning of what promises to be a longstanding tradition between IL GLOBO and schools which teach Italian in their curriculum.

To celebrate the beginning of the term, today’s edition of IL GLOBO features a double-page spread aimed at primary and secondary school students learning Italian.

The first edition of “In classe con IL GLOBO” focuses on the theme of travel and summer holidays in Italy and features a crossword, word puzzle and an Italian nursery rhyme dedicated to primary schools.

The special feature also explores the summer tradition of Ferragosto in Italy, an article with a glossary to expand secondary students’ vocabularies.

A feature and photos of an Italian day held among Xavier College’s Early Years students is also included in the edition, along with the story on Northcote High School’s week dedicated to foreign languages, including Italian, Greek, French and Chinese.

“In classe con IL GLOBO” will be published at the beginning of every school term, and the next instalment will be published on Thursday, October 12.

In addition, every month there will be a special page devoted to Italian-related school activities, classroom photos and other items of interest submitted by Italian teachers and students.

The next monthly edition will be published in IL GLOBO on Thursday, August 17.

This new initiative aims to offer students an insight into modern-day Italian – the latest linguistic trends, new words, news and current affairs – in this ever-evolving world of language and culture.

It will also be an opportunity to celebrate students’ efforts and successes in learning this wonderful language.

Teachers and students can send articles and photos of classroom activities related to Italian language and culture via email , or mail them to the following address: In classe con IL GLOBO, PO Box 250, Brunswick West, VIC 3055. For more information visit IL GLOBO’s website. Schools can also visit the website to sign up for a 30-day free trial.

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